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We are a non-profit organization that raises funds by holding different fundraisers. We allow a person to have an idea for a fundraiser, carry it out and donate funds to the charity they choose to help. We work with veteran supporting organizations, as well as companies that combat cancer, domestic violence, homeless, and any charity.My name is Josh Valdez, I president of I-Care, a local non-profit who’s goal is the shelter and guidance for both the homeless seeking to better their lives though effort and support as well as battered victims and their children. I-Care’s short term goals is the shelter aspect to help get the homeless off the street long enough for s period long enough to help those willing to help themselves. We also hope to offer a safe haven for battered victims and their children so that they can move forward with a happier safer living and get the support to do so with confidence. We are currently looking for locations to sit out needs space wise as well as financial help from the community to help provide the type of care and progress with which we hope to offer at I-Care.

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